Title First Last Suffix Assigned VIP RSVP Group
Ken Alejandro Mail Alejandro, Ken Location
Phil Alexander Mail Alexander, Phil Location
Jim Alvar Mail Alvar, Jim Location
Don Anderson Mail Anderson, Don Location
Emmett Babler Mail Babler, Emmett Location
Robert Baldacci Mail Baldacci, Robert Location
Lisa Bianco Mail Bianco, Lisa Location
Joe Blanco Mail Blanco, Joe Location
Bernie Boston Mail Boston, Bernie Location
Benjamin Brown Mail Brown, Benjamin Location
Ginny Burks Mail Burks, Ginny Location
Robert Buser Mail Buser, Robert Location
Robert Butt Mail Butt, Robert Location
Nunzio Cusumano Mail Cusumano, Nunzio Location
Michael Dar Mail Dar, Michael Location
James DeVinck Mail DeVinck, James Location
Fred Dierenga Mail Dierenga, Fred Location
Greg Eckert Mail Eckert, Greg Location
William Fee Mail Fee, William Location
John Ferrin Mail Ferrin, John Location
Jane Fox Mail Fox, Jane Location
Evelyn Freed Mail Freed, Evelyn Location
Harry Gates Mail Gates, Harry Location
Peter Gazzola Decline Gazzola, Peter Location
Ed Glass Mail Glass, Ed Location
Tom Green Mail Green, Tom Location
Nora Greenblatt Mail Greenblatt, Nora Location
Ken Greenough Mail Greenough, Ken Location
Dana Guthrie Mail Guthrie, Dana Location
Gary Hemminger Mail Hemminger, Gary Location
Al Hill Mail Hill, Al Location
Phil Hollevoet Mail Hollevoet, Phil Location
James Janowski Mail Janowski, James Location
Keith Kenner Mail Kenner, Keith Location
John Kibler Mail Kibler, John Location
Mike Kluge Mail Kluge, Mike Location
Howard Kopinski Mail Kopinski, Howard Location
Paul Kultala Mail Kultala, Paul Location
Jerry Sue Legler Mail Legler, Jerry Sue Location
Harold Lindell Mail Lindell, Harold Location
Danielle Liscia Mail Liscia, Danielle Location
Peter Loguda Mail Loguda, Peter Location
Jon Lyons Mail Lyons, Jon Location
Leo Maloney Mail Maloney, Leo Location
Michael Milgroom Mail Milgroom, Michael Location
David Mork Mail Mork, David Location
Roger Murphy Mail Murphy, Roger Location
Charles Nerko Mail Nerko, Charles Location
Nick Nicholas Mail Nicholas, Nick Location
Member Carmen Otero 8 Tick Otero, Carmen Location
Member Bob Vogel 8 Tick Otero, Carmen Location
Larry Ott Mail Ott, Larry Location
Don Palmer Mail Palmer, Don Location
Rich Pavlak Mail Pavlak, Rich Location
Bob Peterson Decline Peterson, Bob Location
Anthony Petriello Mail Petriello, Anthony Location
Michael Petriello Mail Petriello, Michael Location
Irwin Plafker Mail Plafker, Irwin Location
Ray Reagan Mail Reagan, Ray Location
Ralph Richardson Mail Richardson, Ralph Location
Mike Richey Mail Richey, Mike Location
Ken Roberts Mail Roberts, Ken Location
Michael Rogers Mail Rogers, Michael Location
Robert Rouleau Mail Rouleau, Robert Location
Bob Rutowski Mail Rutowski, Bob Location
Bill Slattery Mail Slattery, Bill Location
Fred Smith Mail Smith, Fred Location
Rob Spade Mail Spade, Rob Location
John Spinelle Mail Spinelle, John Location
Al Stout Mail Stout, Al Location
Thomas Tank Mail Tank, Thomas Location
Robert Taylor Mail Taylor, Robert Location
Gary Tedesco Mail Tedesco, Gary Location
Ray Teifert Mail Teifert, Ray Location
Barry Tomsich Mail Tomsich, Barry Location
Eileen Utter Mail Utter, Eileen Location
Denise Vickers Mail Vickers, Denise Location
Gwen Vining Mail Vining, Gwen Location
Gerhard Vogelsang Mail Vogelsang, Gerhard Location
Kenneth Walker Mail Walker, Kenneth Location
Kenneth White Mail White, Kenneth Location
Kevin Wilson Mail Wilson, Kevin Location
Patricia Wolfe Mail Wolfe, Patricia Location
Ann Zangger Mail Zangger, Ann Location
Jack Zelinger Mail Zelinger, Jack Location
Tom Zosel Mail Zosel, Tom Location
Guests: 86, Accepted: 2, Arrived: 0, Assigned: 2, Seats: 64
All Dolled Up Black Tie Soiree Marker

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